OHANA means Family

“Family means no one is forgotten or left behind”

When Healing Hands Massage Therapy opened in 2003, it was a vision to offer quality massage therapy services that were affordable and convenient. Massage is not just a luxury , it’s a way of life and providing quality of life is what we do!

What started as one therapist’s dream and vision to help people through Massage Therapy has blossomed into programs, classes and services with a team of therapists and holistic health practitioners. The Ohana Center was born…

We live in very stressful times and it is difficult to take care of ourselves and live a life of wellness. There has been a lot of research done on the effects of stress both mentally and physically and managing that stress with massage therapy. Whether you come to our office or we come to yours, you can rest assure that your mind, body and spirit will be renewed and ready to face the day.